We provide professional support to companies and organizations in the following areas:

  • Projects:

    Project development, project writing, project implementation, project reporting

  • Marketing:

    Marketing plans, export support, new market entry, branding and image development, new product & service placement, market research, market insights, online marketing, social media presence

  • Finance:

    Reaching potential investors, developing business plans, project financial planning, and fundraising activities for non-profit organizations

  • Organization:

    Restructuring to improve and increase efficiency in business and organization processes

  • Events:

    Events related to entrepreneurship, to public relations activities of companies, personnel development workshops and trainings, conferences, exhibitions & fairs

  • Research & Information:

    Supporting companies in their efforts to research on trends, best cases at international level, business environment and industries, to build up links to universities and to initiate research projects

  • Outsourcing:

    Supporting foreign companies aiming at reducing costs by transferring portions of their workload to Albania

  • Start-ups:

    Supporting entrepreneurial-minded people to develop and implement their business ideas by preparing business plans and supporting efforts to reach out potential investors

  • Business environment:

    Supporting efforts of governmental institutions and donors to improve business environment, increase the number of start-ups and the entrepreneurial culture, the performance of business associations and the creation of new entities aiming at facilitating doing business in the region